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Why Choose Us?

JC Commercial Construction Self Performs Most Work.

With the exception of flooring and full roof replacement, we control 100% of the process and outshine the competition with attention to detail and pride ourselves with our craftsmanship.

Can Our Company Handle High Volume?

JC Commercial Construction is able to handle multiple, high volume projects. From small projects up to 100 units a month, TCS has the ability to mobilize quickly, multiple material sources, and can begin to execute a schedule quickly.

Due Diligence.

Strategic Planning, Scope of Work, Cost Estimates, Timelines.

Full property analysis and business plan development.

Full and Partial Interior Upgrades. 

Innovative Exterior Aesthetic Renovations.

Always looking for the most impact with the least disruption and costs.

Value Engineered Design Development

All work is focused on each property's market and maximizing the return on any given investment of time and money. 

Wide Range of Construction and Industry Expertise.

Cabinet production, carpentry repairs, concrete flatwork, asphalt patching, HVAC maintenance and many other trades all handled in-house for faster and more cost effective execution of renovations. 

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